Recruiting Reception and Administration Staff

03/07/2008 03:49 PM

Due to the demand of development and the constant expansion of business activities, our company is looking for outstanding candidates to work in Hanoi as Reception and Administration Staff.

I. Position: Reception and Administration Staff

II. Location: Hanoi

III. Job descriptions.

>> Manage and perform administrative work of the company: shop for office supplies and office equipment; manage correspondence, documents which go out or come in; monitor and control the administrative costs of office...

>> Manage and perform the reception work of the company: Answer phone, receive and transfer calls, welcome and guide visitors who come to make transaction at the company.

>> Cooperate with Marketing & PR in order to coordinate company’s events.

>> Support other departments in requested work.

IV. Recruitment requirements:

* Graduate University

* Have more than 2 years’ experience in reception and administrative work.

* Speak English fluently and use office computing skills proficiently

* Standard voice, easy to listen

* Attractive appearance

* Honest, agile, dynamic, ambitious, high sense of responsible.

V. Regime, rights.

- Location: Hanoi

- Work period:

Morning: 8am - 12pm

Afternoon: 13pm – 17pm

Saturday: 8am - 12pm

- Salary: negotiate

- Be entitled to have rights regime according to Government’s policy and company’s regulation

- Have social insurance, health insurance under the provisions of the Labour Code.

Work in a dynamic environment with the best working conditions.

VI. Profiles include

- Job application and CV in Vietnamese or English, which gives details about your work process and experience. (Use company’s form).

- A copy of your medical examination (from 6 months ago to present day).

- Copy of Birth Certificate; Curriculum vitae.

- 2 newest 4x6 photos.

- Copies of relevant certificates.

Note: Except for profiles which have address and contact number. We only interview people whose profiles meet our requirement. We don’t contact via phone. We don’t return profiles

 Profiles which are submitted early will be prioritized.