Richland attended practical training in Singapore

22/12/2008 02:12 PM

In order to enhance practical knowledge and experience in urban planning and architectural construction in advanced countries, in 12/2008, Richland Corporation successfully organized field trip in Singapore for nearly 20 officer and employees of company.  

From November 18 to December 22, Richland organized field trip for nearly 20 officers and employees to visit the island nation of Singapore in order to gain practical experience in urban planning. Delegation visited The redevelopment of Singapore(URA), subway station (MRT), river boating, large commercial centers, cultural centers ... to learn about urban planning and architectural constructions of Singapore through periods.

Having been able to see the general planning, detailed planning, urban management regulations, the model of city development, traffic construction and technical infrastructure of this country, most of architects and experts of company gained much practical knowledge, discovered themselves and accumulated experiences for themselves.

Ngo Anh Vu