Richland participated in promoting investment in Northwest Urban Area HCMC

02/06/2014 10:38 AM

The Northwest urban area was more than 9.000 ha in area, population was estimated at around 450.000 people, this area belonged to Cu Chi and Hoc Mon District, and the distance between this area and Ho Chi Minh City center was around 30 km.  This area connected to primary road axes, through Xuyen A Road (Road 22) which connect Ho Chi Minh City with provinces such as Long An, Tay Ninh-Moc Bai border gate - Cambodia

On 31/05/2014, Richland was invited to the conference on promoting investment in Northwest Urban Area Ho Chi Minh City by Board Management of Northwest Urban Area. As the main consultancy which formulated detailed planning documents 1/2000 of Northwest Urban Area, Richland formulated Northwest Urban Area’s planning following these criteria: an ecological urban area; civilized; modern; connected with the region and Ho Chi Minh City area; harmonious connection between economic development and environmental protection, assured security; national defense; contributing to the overall development of the city.

In this investment promotion conference, Board

Management of Northwest Urban Area called for investment in these projects:

- Tam Tan Road Project.

- Street along canal No. 05.

- Street along canal No. 08.

- Street along canal No. 07.

- Road linking canal 07 and 05.

- Intersection leading to the An Ha bridge.