HYDER (the UK) chose Rich Land as its Local Consultant for Project – Zone I, II and III – North West, Cu Chi

30/11/2009 11:33 AM

On November 4th morning, at Saigon Investment Group (SGI)’s Office, Kinh Bac Urban Development Corporation – KBC signed a contract with Hyder Consulting Limited (the UK) about planning – Scale 1/2000 of Zone I, II, II in North West Urban Area (total area of 1,705 ha, Cu Chi – Ho Chi Minh City).

This ceremony was honored with the participation of Mr. Vu Son Thuy – Head of Department of Foreign Affairs, Editor – in- chief of Vietnam – The World Newspaper (Ministry of Foreign Affairs); Mr. Huynh Minh Cuong, Deputy Head of North West Urban Area Project Management Board – Ho Chi Minh City; Mr. Robbert Losecaat Van Nouhuijs – Regional Director of Hyder; Mr. Dang Thanh Tam – Chairman of KBC; representative of Saigon – North West Urban Development Joint-stock Company (a member of SGI), Ms. Nguyen Kim Thu – General Director of Rich Land Corp and Technical Team of KBC.

Hyder is an international British consulting company specialized in providing consulting services in technology, planning, environment and management. With more than 150 international years of experience and 17 years of experience operating in Vietnam, Hyder has its special ability in providing consulting services in sustainable planning, sustainable technology and social responsibilities, with the working staff of approximately 5,000 employees, working widespread in the UK, Europe, Middle – East, Asia and Australasia.

Rich Land Corp with its experience in planning and Rich Land has cooperated with many foreign consulting companies such as HOK (The U.S.). Nikken Seikke (Japan), Fraile & Anos; 8AC (Spain), Nickle & Partners (Germany), Surbana; CPG (Singapore), S.A.I (Korea), etc. Rich Land Corp was honorably chosen as a local consultant by Saigon – North West Urban Development Joint–stock Company and Hyder Consulting Limited to cooperate and assist Hyder Consulting Limited in planning a part of North West Urban Area – Scale 1/2000.

RichLand Corp