Rich Land joining the Int’l design competion for Harmony Point Complex

09/09/2009 01:49 AM

Through Planning Information Center (PLANIC) as organizer, Khanh Hoi Sugar JS Company as Client desires to find a design with modern characters, harmonised with Western bank of Saigon River and Thu Thiem new urban township in the future.


Harmony Point is a grade A Complex with retail commercial-service center, high-end shopping malls, int’l convention hall of 500 seats, restaurants, office for lease and apartments. Total floor area is about 58,500 m2, 30-35 stories, max. 60% of site coverage ratio (SCR).


The Design of Rich Land focused on the feasibility of project, saved the cost of operation of Complex by tropical architectural solution and created the relaxation spaces for residents of complex and brought the image of Lac Long Quan and Au Co.



The design is the working result of young architects of Rich Land and Spanish experts (F&A Architect). The design group got a lot of experiences through the discussions and idea proposals, helped learn the design knowledge against the mixed-use complex like Harmony Point.


Anh Vu