Project Information

Area of all  : 195.900 m2
Area of Zone I
 : 4200 m2
Area of Zone II  : 2.970 m2
Area of Zone III  : 1.200 m2

 Concept Design

Ecotourism Zone Song Lo II is developed on the basis of overall planning as a benchmark for evaluation based combined with the region, has identified goals of the project
 investor and the following principles: - Create should a system of open space associated uniform, including water retention function;
 - Land use optimization possibilities for mutual support between local, neighborhood; - Limit leveling, balancing development and operating costs in the future;
 - To ensure adequate standards and regulations refer to current and International standards. Planning project was aimed at bringing a resort with rich functionality, diversity, contributing to the development of tourism area in particular and the region in general.
 Creating a green network connection and synchronize with the surface topography maximize limited area reclamation project towards an eco-tourism area sustainability.

Location:  Binh Chau commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Investor : Song Lo Joint Stock Company marine ecotourism 

Richland Corp. is the main Consultant