Project Information

Area of Zone I  : 27.000m2
Area of Zone II
 : 19.000m2
Area of Zone III  : 7.000m2
Area of Zone III/  : 35.000m2
Building height  : 3 storeys

 Concept Design

-Cultural Residential: Residential Building in the gardens of projects such as garden jackfruit, mango, longan orchards, citrus garden, garden apples, grapefruit garden. Combined with model making ecotourism in residential areas such as projectors, as nem hybrid region, baking pig ears, do crafts and fine art, local confectionery manufacture ... to ensure supply of raw materials for fruit drying factory export and serve the needs of sightseeing, eco-tourism of the area

-The Villa resort: Construction resorts with all kinds of architecture: Architecture oriental, pure Vietnamese architecture, European architecture, resort to resort. A portion of this resort villas will be sold to customers on request, an investor will share held for trading Resort resort. When customers do not need to use may authorize business investor to our resort villas and cost management for investor.

-Complex and public zone: Construction of a restaurant, swimming pool, lotus ponds center, shopping center .. meet the needs of entertainment, shopping needs of tourists and local people area

-The Surface of the river: the construction area with friends on the river thought to serve international tourists want to experience river life.

Location: Binh Thanh Commune, Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province

Investor : Joint Stock Company tourism service commercial TST

Richland Corp. is the main Consultant