Scale  : 1,200.0m2
Building density  : 40%
Building stories  : 18 floors
Floor area  : 21,330 m2
Floor area ratio  : 7.05 times

Design concept

Design concept was developed in flowing architecture forms: Impressive-simple-strong.

The advantage of the land was that it has been located on Thoai Ngoc Thau Street, near Au Co Street- which has been one of main roads in the city; the disadvantage of the land was that it have had a long Western edge, which caused acrimonious temperature in the afternoon and the evening. The project prioritized functions which could make profit for the investor: building’s façade faced Thoai Ngoc Thau Street and the building avoided direct sunlight from the West, the building has mosty caught the East and South East wind for apartment blocks; in other to solve energy saving problem, and contribute in developing GREEN EARTH model.

Simple block layout, division of space usage and separation of functions has mainly followed vertical transport, economic effectiveness of the building in building maintenance and preservation helped lower the operational expenditure of the building in order to create high competitiveness.

The building could be exploited and used conveniently: It has met all building standard and authority’s regulations; It has been friendly to the environment through open and closed space between the internal and the garden (balcony, loggia).

Building’s feature

The architecture of the building has described different feelings of users when they looked at it from different distances. The image of bedroom blocks, which has created the feeling that they leaned out of the building, not only has created a highlight for the building but also has brought a whole new perspective for user: young and modern, it was like new branches emerged from trees, which was transformed metaphorically into the building

A harmonious combination of solid wall and hollow glass has created a strong and steady feeling but didn’t lack of light and serene feeling. Two colors white and gray were chosen to be main colors for the building in other to help viewers to recognized Tanimex Building easily, not to mistake it for other nearby buildings. When you looked at it directly, you could see square and rectangle windows, which seemed very simple, but when they were lighted with rooms’ lights, they would attract passers-by. 

Plan which stretched toward an adverse direction, seemed to be hard to organize, but it was actually quite original, we just needed to rotate the building horizontally along the axis to avoid direct sunlight from the West, after that we could have two new blocks which were two separated public spaces but not too isolated.

All apartment block has shared the same emergency exit and elevators but the traffic flow has been divided through doors on different floor. Two blocks of stairs in middle of the building, which have functioned as a hard core, not only have meet the construction’s requirement, but have also assured the optimum accessibility for each household. 

Location: 1346A-1347A-1348A Thoai Ngoc Thau Street, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District.

Investor: Tan Binh Manufacturing Business – Import and Export – Service and Investment Joint-stock Company

Richland Corp. participated in the competition.