Scale  : 9642.5 m2 
 Population  : 1035 people
 Building density  : 51.90%
 Building height  : 32 floors
 Gross floor area  : 8154.5 m2
 Floor area ratio  : 8.14 times

Design concept

The land zoning district Thao Dien A, attached to the shaft axis Hanoi Highway is an important gateway 
to the East 
North under the scheme on adjusting the general planning on construction Ho Chi Minh City approved.
 Accordingly, along the Hanoi Highway development of new urban areas with high concentration, 
synchronization of social infrastructure and technical infrastructure, public transport axis high volume
 (Metro Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien).
Thao Dien Area A is defined as the central region of the functionality of residential areas Thao Dien- Area
 potentially develop service centers and specialized multifunction.