Project Information
Scale  : 79.944 m2
Residential  : 48.032m2
Park Arena  : 19.024m2
Parking Arena  : 38.139 m2
Population  : 3580 people

 Concept Design

The main idea of ​​design solutions for the project is calculated porosity and openness.
+ This solution will create a friendly environment and architecturally interesting images.
+ Porous hollow idea is expressed through all aspects of the project from the overall master plan for
 common ground to the ensemble, the space works, and details of works
- The idea of ​​the island city:
+ Diamond Island can be seen as one of the city's population of the island along the Saigon River. 
The idea comes from the overview, more widespread. This provides a potential model to implement the same idea on the surrounding areas along the Saigon River, increasing constantly developing.
- Basement floating greening:
+ For the purpose of protecting the green and openness of the area while simultaneously providing 
enough parking area and service spaces, the solution proposed is a floating island green.
+ Aim to provide a new public space, open and hidden and parking, the space needed for the engineering 
of the project.
+ With special conditions of lowland flooding and unstable, floating island will be the need for 
reinforcement of the underground system and foundation works.
+ The top of the island and the region runs along the river and canals will become the park with squares,
 areas for relaxing and recreation.


Location: District 2 - Ho Chi Minh City
Investor : Binh Thien An Corporation Property Co.