Project Information

Scale  : 13.046 m2
Population  : 1.000people
Building density  : 48%
Building height  : 18 storeys


- Connected with the Phan Huy Ich road  (road width: 30m) which has led to metro roads accessing the city center; the road along Tham Luong canal route (20m) which has been connected to Go Vap District

- Canal frontage has been valuable to the lower floors.The city has been valuable to beautiful views of higher floors (Golf course; Airport; inner city; Truong Chinh road)

-This project dealt with competitiveness of  many similar projects in neightborhood; this project was suitable for average and above average market.

Design concept:

- The entire neighborhoods were divided into three distinct areas: area with 3 blocks of 15 – 18-storey residential towers with 3 blocks along the canal. Row house area has had internal road (road width : 10m) which was located in the South of the land which was adjacent to existing residential area. Commercial housing area was located along the Northern land.

-Kindergarten, which scale was 510 m2, was located in the center of residential area so that it would be convenient for residents.

-We divided living spaces clearly which were combined with traffic systems having road width and open-pavement in order to create spacious place for residents. On the other hand, plenty of trees intertwined with every house, every corner combined with trees on median strip and tree along streets, increased the value of life and brought fresh air to residents.

Location: 2/34 Phan Huy Ich, ward 15, Tan Binh district, HCMC

Investor: Building Materials Corporation No1 Company Limited (FICO)

Richland Corp. participated in this contest.