Land area   293.551,7  m2 
Land area for construction of the whole area   11.045,7  m2  
total floor area of building   31.948,3  m2     
Floor height (max)   03 floor

Design concept

Based on the idea of planning a green city with a system of green trees linking sustainable development, green space connection system, optimizing land use efficiency and a secure technical infrastructure system. , combined with current conditions and orientation of the master plan 1/5000; The winding canal system creates soft appearance; Based on the layout of traffic shaping functional areas;

Major functional areas in the planning area; as follows:

- The agricultural zone combines garden-garden houses: It is distributed equally from the North to the South of the land, the land has a clear view of the green space combined with water surface. Each plot of land shall be arranged with dwelling houses, warehouses (processing zones, if any), courtyards and gardens for planting bonsai trees, fruit trees, fruit trees;

- Commercial-service area: To arrange a commercial service area in the south of the land area directly approaching the land-road traffic route of the planning area;

- Green areas - public water surfaces: including concentrated greenery, park greenery, secluded greenery and landscape water. Concentrated green trees belong to the system of urban greenery; Park green trees in residential greenery system, mainly green plants inter-planting flowers in the middle of the building; Isolated green trees are the distance along the canal in the planning area; Water surface is the most important element in the structure of the planning area, as well as the traffic link connecting the planning area with Dong Nai River and surrounding areas.

- Technical infrastructure focal area: It is a technical focal point (local wastewater treatment area) to be located in the east of the planned land area.