Land area   68.404,2 m2 
Land area for construction of the whole area   30.727,2 m2  
Total floor area of building   102.502,9 m2     
Floor height (max)   17 floor

Design concept

Binh Chanh District is a district with a high urbanization rate, urban space of the district, including Vinh Loc B area where the focus is to build housing projects in the urbanization of Ho Chi Minh City. Minh. The development policy of the district on the development of this area is as follows:

  • Improving land use efficiency (FAR) through increasing the height and density of residences in areas near major transport routes (bus routes), reducing construction density for expansion. Planting trees and social infrastructure. Urban design on the basis of harmonious combination of villa space, high-rise space and open space, waterfront landscape to form a characteristic urban gate south of the city center;
  • Increase the social infrastructure system (kindergartens, schools, health care ...) and public works (trade, services ...) based on the current material basis combined with new investment projects. best meet the basic needs of people living in the area;
  • Based on the orientation of main technical infrastructure lines, it is necessary to adjust the planning to connect urban technical infrastructure systems for ground leveling, internal traffic, water supply and drainage, electricity supply and sanitation. schools and other specialties, to best meet the growing population size of the city. In the first phase, it is necessary to quickly overcome the situation of waterlogging and traffic jams in the planning area.

The planning area is located in Vinh Loc B Commune, with an area of 68,404.4 m2, contiguous to Lai Hung Cuong road, a 30m wide road that is the main landscape of the area. Therefore, shaping the complete planning of the housing complex in Viet Trieu is necessary to create a foundation for harmonious development with residential areas in the area.